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How to identify when a player is bluffing?

Words have their own importance and it is so true in our life. Without words imagine the entire life would be as boring as it is the most important part of communication. There was a time when people only used to interact with each other through sign language and not a single word was spoken. Many of us might be thinking how difficult it was then to communicate however if we pay attention than even today we all are good at sign language. We will notice that many times in our personal and professional life we do communicate with our friends, family or may be someone else through gestures, eyes and through our body language and words are missing there too.

Even today in continuance with the tradition of silence which is practised in various venues. Especially in a game of Poker where one needs to cautious enough to identify who is bluffing? One need to know Poker Rules well and understand the Poker Game in the best way possible and only then it is possible to identify the bluff game.

Poker is a game with amazing talent and there are many International Poker tournaments held each year everywhere and professional poker players participate in it and walk away with million dollars after some serious gaming. It is so true in poker that you can’t win without bluffing but you can’t win if you can’t spot who is bluffing in the game. When players talk while they play their Poker hand and if they claim to have a great hand while they don't this is where one can spot with brief and small facial expressions, gestures, voice change that one is bluffing. Additionally one can easily spot people with not strong enough hand are the ones who are smart and are good at bluffing. Even good and experienced players understand their holdings and they try to exploit by firing missed draws, third barrels and straight up bluffs on the river. Even overly aggressive players that bet and raise more than they should are too be watched out.

One need to understand the maths and science behind a bluffers mind and the math behind a bluff catcher is to put it in terms of pot odds and equity. Then there are important signals and observations which one needs to study well to identify why, how and when someone will bluff in Poker game. One needs to consider few things such as your opponents, Players image, betting history of the hand, Strength of a hand, Players position and finally the Bet size. All these important factors indicate and offer a fair chance to identify who is bluffing and what level.

Whether it is online or offline format it is often the novice players who fall into the trap of bluffing while a poker expert understands the strategies, moves and Poker rules well enough to make sure that they play safe and make a cautious move to emerge as winners.

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