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Where is the skill in Online Poker?

Any game we play for entertainment or for the love of sports or anything else needs commitment, passion as well as skill to play it. Many of us would still not agree to this and would say it is only when we play something outdoors like a game of cricket; football or basketball needs efforts and skills and while what we play indoors are way more relaxing and easy. But this is not true in any case and people who play games like chess, card games and poker would definitely vouch that it does needs skills to play these games and expertise to emerge as winner. In the same way a game of poker too needs a lot of skills which one needs to develop and practice to continue to play poker online. Poker seems to be way easy but it is only when you play you realise you need to know all the Poker Rules to play it well. Apart from technical knowledge of this game one needs something more than it. However initially one needs to have basic poker knowledge where one can read the board texture, recognise possible made hands, Odds and Outs, Hand range estimation, Bet Size, Position, How hand strength changes with the number of players, Play variation by betting structure, Play variation in tournaments vs. cash games and much more.

Each player needs to understand that in this game one needs to exercise patience and control emotions which can override your logic. This can happen with anyone and everyone who have had a bad beat, a large loss, a win etc. During the game one needs to exercise caution and concentrate on recognising other player’s weaknesses that whether a player plays a certain hand types in a specific way on specific flops. Whether any players have stereotypic behaviour/ action with certain hand strength. Poker is indeed a game of skills and whether you Play poker Online or playing at your favourite casino you need to play with complete attention and you your skills to win a game. With your experience and better skills your game becomes faster and you get to know your opponents well. Attention to details is the most essential skill in this game where every little bit of information you give at a table can soap you up. Then comes your control on emotions as you need to remember that professional players do not tilt. They understand the game and are prepared for a long term battle. A professional poker player will always play unpredictably and as he/ she varies his/her pay they take unconventional lines so that their opponents can't read them. In addition to all this one needs to balance their range in a game of Poker and check the action on the river when you give up. Last but not the least one needs to be adaptable to ever changing variable and various factors are considered in the game such as your image, your opponents play and previous hands in similar situation etc.

Thus poker is game of amazing skills and this is something each poker player will vouch however you should be known about Poker rules.

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