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What do Indians prefer Online Poker or Rummy?

When it comes to gaming or games it is actually a topic of great interest and discussion in our country. We all remember different types of games we have played throughout our childhood and even now as and when we get a chance to play a game we do not miss it. India is a nation where sports and gaming has always been an area of big interest of people. It is much evident with the kind of fan following we Indians have for the game of cricket. One can easily spot kids and even adults playing cricket anywhere anytime and all they need is a chance to play. In a decade interestingly products like Sony PlayStaion and other gaming machines have redefined the gaming culture here and with the launch of Indian style games like Kabaddi and Gilli Dunda gaming has reached to a new level. India with a population of 1.3 billion people and two thirds of the population is below 35 years of age is poised to become world’s leading market. Indian gaming market is on an all time high and as per reports available the gaming revenue at Indian gaming facilities nationwide grew approximately 2% in 2014 to an all time high approximately $28.9 billion.

Though Poker is the most popular card game played all over the world and it is a multibillion dollar industry but when it comes to India it is Rummy which tops the chart. Poker or Online Poker is primarily a game of west, while in India people are still starting to learn poker through various gaming websites which offer online poker and Indian Poker to gaming enthusiasts. There are many websites, social apps and social networking sites like Face book where one can play poker. It is for sure that popularity of poker has increased in India in past few years.

Rummy on the other hand has always been an all time favourite as compared to Poker. Now with Rummy Online one can play this game of cards anytime when one wish to. Anything related to cards is something common in almost each Indian home. Whether it is a social gathering, marriage function, a small get together or any other occasion where friends and families get together a game of card is must. Now even the Supreme Court of India has delivered a judgement that Rummy is a game of skill rather than chance and thus online Rummy is perfectly legal in any part of India.

Game of traditional rummy is interesting while the online version is beyond expectation and this is the reason there are many websites which allow players to play Rummy for free as well as for cash stakes. One can choose to play in a multi payer format with minimal cash stakes as well as also participate in regular tournaments to win a large sum of money. Overall it is Rummy online which is more popular in India and people prefer it more than playing poker as they have seen this game of cards since years and easily relate to it.

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